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castle ship technical management

the worlds first…

the i-grab and the i-rake

seabed clearance – boulders – salvage – intervention

offering powerful seabed tooling installed on board our fleet 

castle ship technical management

the i-grab

Subsea hydraulic WROV technology with a 20 ton lift subsea grab tool

We are the world no.1 in I-GRAB utility systems. We have the longest track history with more successful projects and more systems available than any other company in the world.

  • Boulders: >45,000 subsea boulders & targets surveyed, identified, targeted & removed since 2013
  • Salvage: Wrecks, Debris and recovery operations from 4 to 4,000 meters water depth. Track record from 2005

The I-GRAB (Remote Operated Grab Excavator) is a fully capable W-ROV system with all the attributes you would expect from a Work Class ROV or Utility ROV, but with the added ability to lift up to 15 tons from the seabed or salvage in a single lift and multiple tools including the new ROGE RAKE for cable route, pipeline route boulder and debris clearance. Learn more


castle ship technical management

the i-rake

The I-intelligent steerable subsea rake for multiple boulders

This 60 ton subsea rake unit combines all existing technologies into a single tool. The new patented technology creates a reduced cost and increased efficiency solution for seabed clearance.  The new boulder rake requires reduced towing power and therefore reduced fossil fuel burn, and reduces the impact to the seabed by the use of spaced teeth which travel through the seabed in a similar way to an excavator bucker teeth could be pulled through sand or mud, catching the boulders and debris and moving them up into the flat blades of the rake, and off away to the sides.  Learn more.





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